Yes, People Can Become More Civil!

The graphs on this page contrast two Wave 1 SCORE units with the Control groups (the 3 units just beginning SCORE). The SCORE units began with less civility and more incivility than the control units. We implemented Wave 1 SCORE from June to September 2018. We began Wave 2 SCORE in October 2018.

The 2 SCORE units included 48 responses from Before SCORE and 36 responses from After SCORE.  The 3 Waiting List Control units included 67 responses from Before SCORE and 42 responses from After SCORE. Participation from the SCORE units occurred regardless of their respondents’ level of participation in attending the SCORE sessions.

The graphs show the SCORE units moving from negative to catching up with the Control units.

  • For the SCORE groups positive civility from both Supervisors and Coworkers increase.


  • For the SCORE groups, negative incivility from both Supervisors and Coworkers decreased.
  • For the SCORE groups, bullying from both Supervisors and Coworkers decreased
  • For the SCORE groups mental health indicators and job satisfaction increased.


These analyses contrast everyone completing the survey at within the SCORE and Control groups. Only a few of these individuals can be matched from before to after. In the graphs reported here, the interaction that signals that the SCORE groups have improved more than have the control groups is significant (p<.05) for supervisor bullying, job satisfaction, and mental health. The analysis also identified significant treatment effects for supervisor trust, coworker trust, and management trust.

We advise interpreting these findings with caution in that they rest upon the initial wave of SCORE with two units. We are currently implementing a second wave with the three control units and hope to expand SCORE to substantiate the evidence base for the approach. It is encouraging that these results follow our hypotheses for SCORE and mirror in many ways the findings of the CREW evaluation (Leiter et al, 2011).

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