Strengthening a Culture Of Respect and Engagement (SCORE)

The workgroup process, Strengthening a Culture Of Respect and Engagement (SCORE) was developed to help workgroups overcome forces that weaken their culture of civility and respect. SCORE targets the workgroup culture. It helps workgroups to build on the positive to improve how they work together. The outcome of SCORE is increased respect among coworkers as well as a greater capacity for the group to address future challenges to its community. Progress is assess through a baseline and follow-up survey as well as through institutional data on complaints, retention, and incidents.

SCORE Overview

SCORE occurs through five sessions, scheduled 3 or 4 weeks apart. SCORE invites all workgroup members to participate in the sessions. SCORE begins with an employee survey to identify the workgroup’s strengths and challenges and to provide a benchmark for assessing progress.

Session 1: Getting Started

The first session introduces the core ideas of SCORE. The facilitator informs participants of the process’s aims and expectations. The group develops ground rules to assure psychological safety and confidentiality. The activities develop participants’ capacity to make sense of social cues in day-to-day interactions.

Session 2: Power of Reciprocity

A major focus of Session 2 is appreciating the power of reciprocity for good or ill. Although people often respond rudely to rudeness, they often respond kindly to kindness. This session emphasizes the potential of actively promoting respect as a means of strengthening the workgroup culture.

Session 3: Responding to Disrespect

In addition to promoting the positive, SCORE develops participants’ capacity to respond to the negative. Session 3 considers options when people behave badly towards oneself or towards others. The activities consider how can members of the workgroup can support one another in responding effectively to disrespect.

Session 4: Working Regardless

Ideally, people trust and respect everyone they encounter at work. However, responsibilities at times requires them to work with people whose competence or good intentions they doubt. Session 4 explores this conundrum, considering practical options that give priority to the workgroup’s mission.

Session 5: Next Steps

Strengthen a workgroup culture is a way of life, not a one-time miracle cure. In Session 5 participants develop practices, rituals, games, and meeting agenda items that keep respect as a matter of concern and action.

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