Preventing and Alleviating Burnout

Nursing Presentation 2 Feb 2018

This ppt is from a talk on 2 February 2018 to nurses from healthcare settings across Victoria and beyond who contribute to the action learning of Deakin nursing students.

  • The distinction of burnout and engagement
  • Additional profiles: overextended, disengaged, and ineffective
  • Overextended is more pervasive and is often mislabeled as burnout
  • Improving workplace social dynamics can make a meaningful contribution.
  • The SCORE civility project is designed to improve those relationships
  • SCORES provides an example of working on multiple levels
    • Individual: Improving one’s participation in the social culture at work.
    • Work group: Working together to improve what happens between people
    • Organisational: Setting and living supportive policies.



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